Post Party Skin Care

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The last few months of the year are always upbeat with celebrations galore, well after christmas and the new years eve celebrations the party is over for your skin!

After the late night-outs, binge drinking and indulging in high calorie irresistible exotic menu, one needs to get back on track. Few must do things for the skin in general is making sure the hydration level is maintained. Low temperatures take away the moisture from the skin making it dry and vulnerable, in addition alcohol is further going to make your skin dry and irritable. Drinking plenty of water helps. 

Partying also involves using a lot of make up on your skin so make sure enough moisture retaining primer is used before the make up. A fresh aloe vera massage or just application of fresh aloe vera will help get back the healthy glow.

The circadian rhythm of the body which means that your sleep pattern is also altered. Resting and power naps are important to restore general well being. 

Make sure you feed your self right with nutrients. Few common skin problems post partying are skin rash in form of itchy red boils which could be allergic and needs to be treated with mild calming local applications along with anti allergic medicines prescribed by your dermatologist. I commonly see patients with various skin rash post party this could be as a result of allergy either due to make up application or food allergy we treat these medically.

Dull and dry skin is another common issue after partying this may be a temporary phenomenon and calls for correction of hydration levels. Hydrating lotions humectants or occlusives would help for example oil based moisturisers, mineral oils or creams with Vitamins C and E will not only restore the dullness would also help heal the skin. Serum application of vitamin C are suggested. Deep cleansing is advised for proper removal of make up, however do not over do the cleansing if you have dry skin. Antioxidants in oral and local application form are of value. Post party peels and polishing will help restore the healthy glow and rejuvenate the skin. Cream preparation of kojic acid arbutin, vitamin C and other antioxidant rich illuminating cream applications are suggested.

(Dr Narmada Matang is a reputed dermatologist practicing in Hiranandani Gardens Powai since 17 years. She is also an author of the book “How to look like a million buck” and has contributed to many books on the subject. She has been awarded for her contribution as a woman achiever in 2016. For more details on any skin and hair concerns please contact her at Neo skin and cosmetic clinic 410 B wing fourth floor, Above ICICI Bank, Galleria shopping complex, Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai 400076.

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