Happy Birthday To You

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Birthdays always hold a special place in our hearts because it’s one-day of the year when one is centre of attention and gets showered with so much love and blessings! One of the most exciting things about birthdays is receiving presents, don’t you agree? As a child, wasn’t the most exciting bit of your birthday party the part where all the guests left and you settled down to unwrap all the presents? And before the surprise was unraveled, how fun was playing the guessing game wondering what the present could be?

The process of discovering what the gift is often becomes as thrilling as the gift itself. And what would it be like if you could experience this joy not just once in twelve months, but, in fact, every month? 

Abracadabra! We, at Geek Aparato, aspire to bring to you that same level of marvel and excitement at your doorstep every month! Geek Aparato is your curator for mystical collectibles – we offer a subscription-based service where every month, subscribers shall receive a boxful of goodies comprising various collectibles. While the theme for every month will be disclosed beforehand, the merchandise will remain a secret until you open the box. Hence, we ensure that the level of surprise remains throughout your entire unboxing experience. 

What does a Geek Aparato box typically contain? 
Based on the theme for the month, a subscriber will receive multiple items such as T-Shirts, Figurines, Coffee-Mugs, Stationary, Bags, Wallets, Magnets, Key-Chains, Bookmarks, Diaries, Comics, and Coasters. The number of items contained in a box will depend on your choice of the Binary Box (which will contain approximately 3-5 items) or the Decimal Box (which will have approximately 5-7 items). 

Who can subscribe?
All fans of comics, books, superheroes, TV shows and movies will find our subscription service to be very appealing: How would it be like to receive a Wonder Woman comic, a Harry Potter diary, along with a Game of Thrones bookmark of your favourite house? Every month you shall receive different merchandize as we keep churning our creativity and zest to good use and design more innovative products for you each time. 

One of the most fascinating things about the Geek Aparato box is that it’s alluring to individuals across all age-groups – it’s the ideal gift for your friend or partner. Parents can consider it to be a unique gifting option for their children; as it’s always a good idea to give children that much-needed break from technology! 

So what are you waiting for? Check out and book your boxes NOW! You don’t need to wait till your birthday arrives! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to know more about our upcoming themes. Book your boxes TODAY!