Nirvana December 2017

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Nirvana Hits Sixer with Back to Back Dhamaka Shows

Setting new challenges for the singers by way of innovative concepts and consequently offering something new to the audience has been a recurrent factor in Nirvana programs. But this November Nirvana took upon itself the herculean task of hosting programs for both A and B groups on two consecutive days November 11th and 12thand successfully ensured that the programs turned out to be as different as chalk and cheese.

On November 11th, Group B put up a spectacular show with its Regional Songs theme. Anchor for the evening Shekhar Tiwari, was at his exuberant charming best as he steered the show with style and wit. As a viewer rightly pointed out on seeing the singers dressed in regional attires, that the atmosphere in the banquet hall in a way managed to showcase the diversity of India. However, the real acid test was when the members chose to sing in language’s other than their mother tongue and everyone nailed it with perfect feel and diction. However the evening belonged to Lake Homes resident, Archana Rao who garnered a lot of appreciation for nailing the look as well as her song with Marathi song ‘Reshmachya Reghani’. Member since formation of Group B, Archana has been a popular face at Nirvana shows. In her own words, “I was very fond of singing from my school days and Nirvana gave me that much needed platform to sing with live orchestra, which isn’t easy. But the encouragement and support from the Nirvana members and especially Sanjayji, made me believe in myself. This is my 3rd season in Nirvana and now it has become a beautiful family of like minded people. I have so many memories to cheer about because of Nirvana!”

If that was chalk then cheese or more rightly Group A’s program the next day was also an evening to remember. Group A’s journey in to the fourth season was beautifully conceptualized in a fitting narrative by anchor Madhura Vartak. As all singers had to sing songs unbounded by theme they sang songs close to their heart. This was witnessed and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that each singer was at his/her best and was extremely well appreciated by the full house audience. The Guest Singer, Sriram Iyer one of the top 7 finalists of Zee TV’s SaReGaMaPa, who entertained the audience with his mesmerizing voice, mentioned generously that it’s high time the group sheds its amateur tag. 

But the saying “Individually we are a drop and together we are an Ocean” can be said to be true for Nirvana, as the credit for holding on to the attention of audience for two days was due to the noteworthy performance put in by every member of both groups. If music is your poison and music from 90s appeals to you get set for a spell binding evening on 16th December at Lake Club banquet hall, 5 pm onwards. For more details on programs kindly contact Group Coordinator Rajitha Khan at 9833743015.

                                                                                                                            - Rajitha Khan