KNOW YOUR DOCTOR December 2017

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Dr. Mohit Shah is an extremely reputed Sonographer whose reports are never challenged even by reputed hospitals. He is considered to be one of the 
best in the Sonographers in Mumbai. Packed with patients all the time, it’s difficult to get an appointment immediately. My Powai met up with him recently and spoke to him on various personal and professional topics including the importance of Sonography in diagnosing the disease. Excerpts

What prompted you to become a Doctor?
I was born in a family of doctors. My parents have been my role models.  It just had to happen. And besides---I hated maths.

How important is ultrasound in the diagnosis of ailments?
In today's day and age, ultrasound is the first line of investigation along with blood tests to diagnose what is wrong with the patient. Not only does sit help in clinching a diagnosis, it also helps in eliminating the possibility of suspected illnesses a thus helping the treating doctor to treat the patient effectively.

Are the equipments in Indian hospitals and clinics the best in the world?
India is at par to the world in all professional spheres include medicine so the state of the art hospital and ultrasound centres doing advanced and dedicated work have their ultrasound machines at par to the world.

What is the secret of your successful practice?
My favourite quote is: perfection is not achieved by anyone in this world but if you keep striving for perfection, somewhere along the road you will meet excellence 'This quote is my driving force. The drive to achieve excellence is what makes me successful. Ultrasound is my passion, and if you are passionate about your work, success usually isn’t far off. The success here for me is making the correct diagnosis for the patient so that he can be started with the required line of treatment. 

On an average how many patients you attend in a day?
I attend to all the patients who come to ‘abhipraay’ and see it to it that I do complete justice to them and their ailments. 

Why did you choose Sakinaka for your clinic?
Almost 15 yrs back Sakinaka was a backward yet with a tremendous scope for development. It is a junction between four suburbs and quite populated, yet there was a dearth of quality conscious diagnostic centre in the entire region. We filled in that gap with state of the art ultrasound machines, coupled with Xray, ophthalmological services( including a dedicated eye operation theatre), mammography and pathology services.
There is nothing in the field of ultrasound that we do not offer at ‘abhipraay’.

We are the only private centre in the whole region to have a permit to do all pregnancy related invasive procedures apart from being a centre certified and audited by the fetal medicine foundation to perform highly skilled special scans during pregnancy, We are also the only private centre that routinely performs all the ultrasound guided interventional procedures.

Apart from all the routine scans , we surely specialise in pregnancy scans, ultrasound of musckuloskeletal system that includes all joints and soft tissues, and in guided interventions

What do you do on your weekly offs?
Half of my weekly offs are dedicated to teaching and learning ultrasound and delivering lectures for the same across the country and the neighbouring ones. Rest of the weekly offs are sacrosanct for my family and I love to spend time with my parents, wife and children.

Any message to the readers of My Powai?
Health is wealth and good health is a privilege endowed on us. Please don't ignore your health and give it the priority it rightly deserves.

What are your hobbies?
I devour books be it academic, fiction or nonfiction. Nowadays the genre that appeals me the most is nonfiction. I also love listening to music and enjoying theatre and movies with my family.