How to select the right tutorial for JEE?

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The end of the current academic year is fast approaching.  For those who want to prepare themselves for JEE, the pressure to find the right coaching class is mounting. As parents, it is crucial that we spend time and effort in choosing the right tutorials. With such a competitive market, it can become extremely confusing to find the right learning center. 

As a student, I cleared two of the most difficult exams in the country, the ‘IIT JEE’ as well as the ‘IIM CAT’, before going on to teach at both Kota and Mumbai. Through my experience, I believe that the following 6aspects must be kept in mind when enrolling your children into IIT coaching centers:

1. The quality of the faculty. Former President Barack Obama once said ‘From the moment a student enters a school, the most important factor to their success is not the colour of their skin or the income of their parents; it’s the person standing at the front of the classroom’.  It is of upmost importance that the faculty at the coaching center is dedicated to making our children understand every concept, every question and every theory.

2. The intensity of attention paid to each student. Each student, regardless of their intellect and dedication, needs help. To quench the need of help, teachers must be able to provide personal attention to their students. Providing personal attention to students in a class of 40, is a myth.  Personalization allows for increased productivity, differentiating instructions and providing regular corrective feedback based on the needs of every individual. 

3. The quantity of practice. Practice, practice and more practice. Conceptual subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry can prove to be unbelievably challenging, especially for those with insufficient practice. The number of hours a person practices can make the all the difference in the world.  Students learn the most when they practice, and practice is only efficient when a teacher can instantly satisfy the students’ doubt.  A student with too many doubts will gradually lose their motivation

4. Method of teaching. Over the last 100 years, we’ve changed the way we travel, we’ve changed the way we communicate, we’ve changed the way we dress, we’ve even changed the way we think of the universe; then why haven’t we changed the way we teach our children. Technologies, such as the one developed by SpeedLabs, are being incorporated world wide. Countries around the globe are rapidly realizing the need to change our learning mechanisms, and SpeedLabs is at the forefront of it all. Using the absolute best practices across the world, we have developed a pedagogy that combines best-in-class content with personalized focus and a result oriented approach to deliver a revolutionary new learning technique for each student. 

5. Reviews and recommendations. Undoubtedly the best way to segregate the best coaching centers from the worst. So we invite you to experience the environment. Ask the parents of our students, about the progress that our students made. Ask our students, how many classes have they skipped; ask them about their experience with our interface. Find out how high the motivation levels are at our centers. We promise, the answers will not disappoint. 

6. We are talking about student learning and not groceries. While a 90% discount is applicable to a new television during Diwali, it is advisable to stay away from such gimmicks while looking for coaching classes. Discounts dressed as scholarships are a marketing technique as old as the IITs themselves. After all, true quality always wins. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a glance at Apple.

So, as this academic year comes to an end, don’t panic. Sit down and remember these six points. Then, come pay us a visit. We look forward to seeing you. 

SpeedLabs is a New Age methodology to make 21st century students learn efficiently. Using best practices from around the globe, we have developed a pedagogy that combines best-in-class content, personalized focus for each student and a result oriented approach.

We implement following practices in our approach

1. Identify and address gaps

2. Actively engage our students in the learning process (increase participation, ownership)

3. Attempt to find something positive in students’ responses (positive reinforcement)

4. Use regular checks for understanding through methodically designed SpeedLabs platform

5. Provide additional clarification and illustration as needed (corrective feedback).

6.  All experienced IITians Faculty

The SpeedLabs methodology has three pillars:

1. Assisted Practice,

2. Expert Personal Guidance,

3. Insights from our technology enabled platform.

SpeedLabs has adopted the best elements from all the formats to overcome the limitations of traditional lecture heavy pedagogy.

There are many bright students who can deliver significantly better results than their current performance, if they utilise the approach at SpeedLabs. We have been able to help many students in improving their understanding and increasing their scores.

Face-to-face interactions and personal mentorship make all the critical difference.