September 2017

Pellentesque erat arcu

The Zodiacal Signs for the Sun mentioned below are as per Indian Niryana System of Astrology and not as per Western Sayana System of Astrology. You will find the rasi or sign of the sun in your kundali when the horoscope is cast as per indian Jyotisha

Aries or Mesha rasi
14/04 to 13/05

You will remember your childhood difficulties and it will make you focus on your domestic life. You will be an independent person with a strong constitution and vitality. Avoid difference of opinion at home.

Taurus or Vrishabha rasi
14/05 to 14/06

Money and the things it can buy matters to you. You will be spending a lot in shopping  while you will continue to be warm sociable and attractive.

Gemini or Mithuna rasi
15/06 to 15/07

You will be alert with a vibrant mind with a great intellectual curiosity. You will be an effective public speaker and a lively conversationalist and a gifted writer.

Cancer or Karka rasi
16/07 to 16/08

You will be popular and easy going. You will have an instinctive understanding of other people and a great capacity for friendship. Friends will play a major role in your life. Your goals are likely to change many times and so your circle of friends may also change.

Leo or Simha rasi
17/08 to 16/09

You will continue to be intuitive, reclusive and secretive .You will find nourishment in solitude and spiritual activity. You will be involved in helping others.

Virgo or Kanya rasi
17/09 to 16/10

You will become contemplative with a gift to interpret dreams and break codes and do all kinds of other mental tasks that require creative thinking. Little privacy and solitude will refresh your mind.

Libra or Tula rasi
17/10 to 15/11

You will be travelling a lot. Your interest in education, law and publishing will expand your horizons. You will become philosophical and an idealist. You could have relationship with a professor a writer  or anyone involved with publishing.

Scorpio or Vrishchic rasi
16/11 to 15/12

You will be passionate idealist and an independent thinker with strong convictions and a desire to see the world. Ideas will motivate you. Be careful not to be intolerant

Saggitarius or Dhanu rasi
16/12 to 13/01

You will become open-minded, helpful and fair. You work effectively with others. Your friends will adore you. Large ambitions will bring out the best in you. Success comes through group enterprises.

Capricorn or makara rasi
14/01 to 12/02

You will accept the challenges of relationship. Becoming an equal partner benefits you. Co-operation will speed your progress. Focussing on personal or selfish concerns will slow you down.

Aquarius or Kumbha rasi
13/02 to 13/03

You will become very ambitious but there will be setbacks in trying to fulfil your ambitions. Misunderstanding with friends is likely. Patience will help you.

Pisces or Meena rasi
14/03 to 13/04

Financially you will stand to gain from investments, insurance, inheritance and business with others. You will have very good powers of recuperation.

(Arun Shah is a Mechanical Engineer. He has in depth knowledge about Vedic and Chinese Astrology. He was the Chairman of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and founder member of Indian Institute of Astrology. He can be contacted on 9892546121)