February 2015


Tarot cards have such an aura of mystery and suspense around them. Invariably they uncover each and every thought, feeling and emotion of the seeker. Very often I am asked the question that how come the cards find out our dilemmas and how do they so accurately come up with the solution. The answer to this is very simple and yet so often unknown/ignored.  Each of us has an Inner Guide that serves as a fountain of Knowledge for us. Your Inner Guide is always with you because it is a part of you. You cannot destroy this connection, but you can ignore it. When you reach for a Tarot deck or get a reading done, you signal your Inner Guide that you are open to its wisdom. 

This simple act of faith allows you to become aware of the guidance that was always there for you. This is how a Tarot reader can tap into the Universal wisdom as well as advice and help you. Sometimes it is difficult to make the proper choices and this can be very bewildering. The answers elude us and we are left confused and unsure about the course of action that will be right for us. That's when an insightful reading can help you to get in touch with your inner self and find answers that would be difficult to reach in any other way.

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Aries: We have to accept the fact that things change. Nothing is permanent. We need to let go of certain things. Some things come to an end. We cannot cling endlessly. We have to decide the next course of action, without being emotional or judgmental or indulging in the blame game. Learn from the situation without being harsh on yourself and others. The end invariably brings with it a beginning.

Taurus: This is the “Lucky time” for you, when everything you want just falls into place and all wishes and desires are fulfilled. So make the most out of it .Go ahead and dream big. It’s the time to make all the changes you might want. The outcome will be favourable. Also if you are starting something new, things will definitely work out well.

Gemini: By not looking at issues that are there in front of you, they will not go away. Ignoring things does not make them disappear. You have to handle them! Find out the facts about the whole situation and take appropriate action. Stalemate is not a great place to be at. Resolve the matters, whether personal or financial, with an open mind, in a cool calm manner!

Cancer: Life throws various situations at us. Some are pleasant and some unpleasant. It’s the unpleasant ones that need handling. It’s no use to spend time being ongoingly miserable about things. Yes, do acknowledge that you are feeling sad or unhappy. But you can’t be glum forever. Gather yourself. And move on. Towards new beginnings. Life awaits!

Leo: It’s time to step back and assess the situation. You have worked hard to get where you are and have even got the results. Now is the time to evaluate those results and decide for yourself how they fit into your scheme of things. Are things working out satisfactorily? Or do you want to move to the next level? It time to decide and make those moves.

Virgo: While making major decisions, take time to check and cross check, because all relevant data may not be known to you at the surface. Dig deeper and do not haste. Your gut feeling will guide you in this matter. Your knowledge and wisdom will help you resolve issues. Devote time to meditation and connecting to your spiritual self.

Libra: Loss and adversity are trying times but also eye-openers. In times of difficulty, you can separate the real friends/relatives from the superficial ones. And it is these Real friends who will stand by your side in tough situations .Keep such people in your life always, since they are the source of care and support in your life, and will help you tide over the trying times of life.

Scorpio: You are bursting with new ideas and creativity. Expansion is in your mind. This is a good time to make the move. Take time to get the required information that will take you ahead, whether it is in the form of research or further studies. When in need of help or support, it is readily available to you .Do not hesitate in asking for it. Good news in the family is indicated.

Sagittarius: To follow the trodden path or blaze one of your own is the dilemma most of us face as some point of life. Do what your heart desires and tells you, even if may seem brazen, foolish or impractical. You may open yourself to a whole new set of experiences which will make your life richer. Friends will guide you well.

Capricorn: Communication skills are the skills that are most required in today’s world, whether to woo your mother in law or convince your boss for a raise! It’s a time to be pro active and on the move to manifest whatever you desire. A period of action. You have to focus on your tasks to get the result. 

Aquarius: Slow and steady, wins the race. You need to be persistent and dedicated to get your work done. It may seem boring and routine, but being steadfast and doing things as perfectly as you can, get amazing results. So hang in there and keep doing whatever it is to get it done!

Pisces: So you are disappointed with what is happening in your life! And you are wallowing in self pity…poor me!! But feeling sorry for yourself will not get you out of the situation! You have to move from what is not working in your life and look at what is available to make your life better and move towards that. That is the only way out!
                                                                                                                       - Sapna Shahri

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