On predictions and New Year resolutions

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2015 year of Saturn...was the opening line of a popular social networking site in mid December of the last year.. It immediately caught my attention like I am sure it did for everyone else. 

Apprehensively, I scrolled, read and promptly forgot until another post few days later. Mercury turns retrograde from Jan 15, so again with mixed emotions I read the whole information and tried to figure whether it was good or bad for all my loved ones. I am sure even the most diehard cynics glance at these predictions at least once, even if just for a few laughs.

Then the whole exercise repeated itself each time i would open face book or such sites or enter a book shop, there would be a flood of books on astrology and the New Year staring at me as if daring me to resist them. Initially i would run and browse through them all concentrating on the family’s well being in the coming year. 

On face book have gone through western astrology, numerology, Chinese signs, and angel readings even our very own rashifal.. (indianised version of the same topic)and the  Mayan calendar (which was my blonde moment, could not figure out what it was) all had different versions to give me of what the New Year had in store for me. 

While one said I would come into an obscene amount of money, another promised me that I would meet the love of my life in the brand New Year (and I would start praying desperately) yet another warned me about something to be worried about. I was left wondering and totally confused since some are based on the month of birth, some on the date some also on alphabet and yet others on the year. 
Friends who did not have access to social media would beg me to take note of their respective predictions and forward them as well. Family would find me poring over the computer at all odd hours taking screen shots or jotting down various predictions in my diary. It would have been a hilarious sight, now when i think of it. Reading glasses perched on my nose, a worried harassed expression and frantically making notes.

I even read about the colors to be worn this new year which would or could be my lucky charms. Then began the elusive search of remedies. Each and every word would be read, understood and then a research would begin to find the counter effects of any bad news. 

After all if one could predict bad luck I was sure they could also predict an antidote to it. The first day of the New Year or probably the first weekend is the maximum sales I’m sure for any newspaper big or small. This is the time when almost all of them print the whole year’s predictions for various zodiacs. 

However late the previous night would have ended, I wake up and greet the newspaper boy with a big smile and grab the newspaper from his hands. That’s the only time he ever sees me that early in the whole year. I even make him get me all the extra papers and magazines I normally never read. Poor guy must be still trying to figure out why?.
Most of us glance, read through, smile and forget about it the next moment. While some others read and take it to another level and fret and fume. Some would personally cut and laminate all the newspaper predictions and keep them handy, and religiously go through them beginning and end of each month (I confess!!) And so it goes on endlessly year after year.

No amount of arguing logical or illogical works with us firm believers. We have just one line, no make that two… EACH TO HIS OWN and FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. [Never mind that there is actually no armour to shield us from anything that comes our way.) Same goes for NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS which range from weight loss and fitness being the top most, to working harder, studying even harder, binge control, stop smoking, saving more money, being more patient…, being a better wife, husband, mom, daughter, son, brother and blah.

Sometimes resolutions are also a way to check our will power. These can also be wake up calls to get our lives in order and on track.

Very few or almost none can stick to our resolutions and those who manage to last the whole year… well, still haven’t met anyone as yet… just one line here as well… PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN.. Cliched but true. And so life goes on… until another year creeps upon us… and the same cycle begins. Thank god that some things never change.J

Here’s my prediction for each one of us… 2015 will be better, bigger and happier than the last one…may god grant us an extra dose of luck and happiness.. And the will to stick to our resolutions all the way!!!.