Jan 2015


The year 2014 has gone by and we have rung in 2015.I am sure we all have celebrated in some way or the other, wished loved ones and fondly remembered the passage of the last twelve months. A few thoughts and observations on this occasion do come to mind.

We celebrate the New Year. Party time!! Do we mourn the year gone by? Do we feel sorrow or grief? No!! Because we feel the thrill of a new opportunity, of a chance to do things we have always wanted to!!!

So also in life…when one thing ends, another always begins. So let’s celebrate the beginnings with fond memories of what was, but no longer is!!

And on this occasion, here are some insights on how your New Year may pan out for you and what your resolutions should focus on.

Sapna Shahri has a worldwide clientele who regularly consult her when faced with important decisions of life. Her readings not only guide but also empower her clients in an amazingly wise manner.  

This Year for you

Aries: This year focus on the time and tested solutions and methods to handle situations. The path well trodden will be the best path. Those desirous of marriage will find their partner. A spiritual guru may cross your path. In times of confusion seek a mentor.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Be more social, take on a hobby, get in touch with your spiritual self.

Taurus: This will be a very successful year for you. All the commitments you have undertaken will be fulfilled. This will lead to a general sense of happiness, peace and love in your environment.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Spend more time with family and friends. Plan occasions/outings. Reconnect with people you have lost touch with.

Gemini: This year many opportunities will come your way, the ones you have always longed for. Follow your heart and take them on…because opportunity lost is experience lost.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Be open and express yourself fully and with clarity. Speak your mind.

Cancer: This year a lot is happening in your life. So much so that you may feel overwhelmed and miss out on some great things. There’s only one solution. Be prepared. In advance.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Get involved in an activity that requires a lot of movement…like Dance, jogging or even something like a regular cleanup of the house…just so that you can move!

Leo: This year you need to move with great mental clarity. Do not let emotions colour your opinions. Be fair, be just and be logical and the necessary changes will come easy to you.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Take on a mental sport like chess, scrabble or crossword. Implement the ideas that have been in cold storage up till now...

Virgo: This year the major task for you is to overcome your dislike for arguments and debates. You have to indulge in these especially if you have to protect your esteem and self respect.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Say NO when you want to say no.

Libra: This year you have to learn to “Rest”, not as in physical rest, but you have to train your mind to rest, to be calm, to quieten the perpetual noise it makes. And in these times of mental silence you will have the greatest ideas.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Take on meditation or set time apart regularly where you can be with yourself… like a stroll amidst green/ serene areas.

Scorpio: This year you have to learn to let go of what you no longer have and look forward to new beginnings. Dwelling too much on what “was” and grieving over that prevents you from moving forward.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Indulge in religious activities to connect to the Universal Energy.

Sagittarius: This year will be a year of choices for you. So choose wisely. Consult your heart and choose those options which you are passionate about. It is also a great year for romance.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Take a holiday with your loved one. Spend time with people you care about.

Capricorn: This year is a year of action and vitality. There is plenty for you to do so ensure that you take good care of your health. Get a lot of Sun

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Take on some outdoor activity that gives you a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Aquarius: This year you must learn to prioritize and delegate. If you keep taking on all the responsibilities you will tend to exhaust yourself which would lead to frustration.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Find ways to distress and lighten up…Jack needs to not only work but also play!

Pisces: This year there will be major changes in your life. Always keep the larger picture in mind and do not focus on the minor issues. Also look at different perspectives of any given situation before making major decisions.

Tips for New Years’ resolution: Make it a habit to search for the silver lining, so we can identify the blessings in disguise.



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