Forecast for December 2014


When you hear of Tarot, your mind is flooded with images of mystery and magic. You tend to think of it as something in the realm of the unknown that is just beyond the reach and the domain of the psychic. Well, it is as foreign to you as your innerself….the innerself that we have lost touch with .Do we really know who we are and why we do what we do? The tarot cards help you connect with your innermost self and lead you to discover yourself and your life’s purpose like no other science can! It depicts the journey of each and every one of us and shows us where exactly we are on the roadmap of our souls journey. I invite each and every one of you to venture into the magical world and explore it by readings or by learning it. You will be impacted in a way you cannot even imagine!

Sapna Shahri has a worldwide clientele who regularly consult her when faced with important decisions of life. Her readings not only guide but also empower her clients in an amazingly wise manner.

Aries: You will be called upon to make some important decisions, which you might have been postponing .Ignoring things will not make them go away.  At some point you have to decide. And the time is now. Be fair and just. Base you decision on facts and figures rather than on emotions and feelings. See that there is no bias and fair play is maintained .Any legal matters pending will be decided largely in your favour.

Taurus: It is time for change. And you can feel it in your bones .Do not ignore this feel. You will feel charged up and totally energized. This is the right time to make that drastic move. Be bold, think out of the box and get inspired with your creative peak at this point of time. Propose now, make that career change, get noticed!

Gemini: A very favourable time. Make a wish and see it come true. All the things that were in the pipeline will materialize suddenly and surprisingly. A pleasant time to spend time with family and friends. A dinner date, a family outing or a night out with friends is definitely on the cards.

Cancer: Why so serious my friend? All work and no play make Jake and Jane a dull person. Taking your work seriously and taking yourself seriously are two different things. One is important and the other disastrous. Take time off, let your hair down and go out and have some fun.

Leo: This is the time to let go. Do not resist. You will feel lighter if you let it go .Do not hold on to grudges, forgive, and move on .Because life is meant for better things. If it is not meant for us, no matter how much we try, we will not achieve it .If it is meant for us, it will come back. Release. Breathe. Love.

Virgo: Do not be afraid of competition. Sometimes you have to compete with your own self to surpass your shortcomings. Be confident and have faith in yourself that you can do it. Do not let minor skirmishes and setbacks dishearten you. Move ahead with your head held high!

Libra: You may be feeling stuck and restricted in a certain situation. More often this happens due to inaction. Life is about movement and free flow. Get moving. Get in charge of the situation .Even if by making small changes. But you need to free yourself from the restrictions that are preventing you from taking direction. Free yourself from the trappings of fear and emotionalism that weighs you down.

Scorpio: It’s a time for learning. You maybe a  master at what you do, but to move ahead from here you will have to acquire new skills , implement fresh ideas and do a lot of R&D. Maybe even take on a new hobby! Get creative and translate your ideas into action. Put a lot of fresh energy into your venture.

Sagittarius: You need to be forceful, think quickly and move fast to resolve certain situations. Be independent in thought and action because you will be the one who can take the right decisions on your own. Use facts and logic rather than emotions to arrive at conclusions. Be forceful, but be careful not to come across as overpowering.

Capricorn: New ideas, new ventures, new ways of being. Focus on being grounded .Your ideas are in the incubation period and you need to nurture them to completion .More like a mother nurtures a child for a full term. You will be successful in these ventures, the time is favourable now.

Aquarius: You need to get discipline in place, either for yourself or for the people around you. Work within a structure and put systems in place to get efficiency. A senior person could help you out of a certain situation. His manner may seem authoritative, but it is sound advice gained from experience. It would do you well to take it.

Pisces: You may find new sources of income coming your way. Take them on seriously and put in all effort to convert the idea into a reality. Windfall gains either materialistic or emotional are indicated. Also a good time to plan investment, and do some financial planning for the future


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