Powai girl assaulted

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On October 26, when Esha Singh (24) was returning home from Vikhroli after work little did she anticipate the problem that was waiting for her.

Since she was unable to get an auto from Vikhroli to Hiranandani, she had no option but to start walking. As she was approaching Kailash Complex, a young ruffian attacked her from behind.  Though she was taken by surprise, she quickly gathered herself and put up a fight thereby ensuring that the attacker could not snatch away her handbag. However, in the scruff that took place the attacker pushed Esha away and escaped with her mobile phone. She got up and tried to chase him but he ran across the road to his accomplice who was waiting on a bike and they sped away.  Since it was post dusk and having broken her glasses she was unable to get the bike’s registration number.

She was rushed to Hiranandani Hospital where her head was sutured and x-ray of the neck was taken to eliminate any serious injury. On the subsequent day an FIR was filed with the Parksite Vikhroli Police station and after a couple of weeks, the police was successful to nab the criminals responsible for this crime.

However, for more than three weeks Esha’s recurring headaches demanded CT Scans thus preventing her from resuming work and forcing her to recuperate at home.

Says Bunny Singh, father of Esha, “These incidents can cause a lot of damage to the victim; besides the physical and mental trauma, it can impact the psyche that may take a very long time to heal.”

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Senior Citizen attacked in Hiranandani

8th November, Sunday was a traumatic day for Mr. and Mrs. Sethuraman, an elderly couple who had gone for their morning walk in the park across the Hiranandani Foundation School.

At around 7am as they crossed Norita building, 2 youths on a bike attacked the 67 year old Mrs. Lalitha Sethuraman, snatched her chain and pushed her on the roadside. The senior citizen hurt her head and shoulder with nasty bruises on the neck as a result of the violent snatching. A case has been registered with the Powai Police station but the criminals are still at large.

The number of chain and cell phone snatching are increasing with uncanny regularity in and around Powai . Residents are requested to be careful and alert at all times, report incidents and follow-up with Police to ensure that all the criminals are brought to book.