November 14th is World Diabetes Day. Therefore, this month, I have decided to take a detour from my normal topic of asana and focus more on this grave problem which has gripped Indians like never before. Once referred to as a disease of only the affluent, it has now made its way to every strata of Indian society. Current statistics show that India is soon going to be labeled as “Diabetic Capital” of the world. Diabetes is a notorious condition which is generally accompanied by numerous ailmentsbe it High Blood Pressure, Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Kidney Failure, Heart and Blood Disease, Ketones etc. The list goes on and on.

Good news, however, is: we can curb and control Diabetes (type 2 especially) by adapting to a holistic life style and thereby enjoy a stress free living. Let us check some of the important asanas, which will help deal with this problem efficiently.


l               Sit in Dandasana with your legs stretched in front.

l               Bend your right knee, let it cross the left leg (from below the left knee) and place your right heel close to your left hip.

l               Bend your left knee now and place it at the outer side of right knee. Left foot is resting on the floor and left toes are in line with the right knee

l               Stretch your right arm up in the air as if you are trying to touch the ceiling

l               Rotate upper part of the body to the left

l               Bend forward with exhalation, bend your right elbow and place your right elbow against your standing left knee

l               You are pressing your left knee and right elbow against each other

l               Turn your head and look over your left shoulder

l               Hold the posture as per your comfort and release in reverse order

l               Relax and repeat it at the other side


This is one of the most recommended asana for diabetes. The other important physiological aspects of this asana are that it stimulates the pancreas, liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach and ascending and descending colons.


l               Lie down on your abdomen with forehead on the floor and toes stretched out

l               Your arms are stretched above your head and palms pressed on the floor

l               Exhale and press your abdomen on the floor too

l               Inhale and raise your head and chest off the floor

l               Raise your legs off the floor and finally palms and hands off the floor too

l               You are balancing your body on the abdomen

l               Breathing will be tiresome but do not hold your breath

l               Hold the posture as per your comfort for 20-30 seconds, release and repeat thrice.


This asana gives a very good massage to abdominal region thereby helps blood circulation in that area. Also helps tone up abdomen.


l               Lie down on your abdomen

l               Bend your knees from the back

l               Hold your right ankle with right hand and left ankle with left hand

l               Stretch your mid section, exhale and press your abdomen on the floor

l               Raise your legs off the floor (try to keep your knees close to each other) while at the same time you are getting your heels away from the hips

l               Inhale and raise upper part of the body up in the air

l               Pull your body in opposite directions from the naval region while trying to get your head to your toes at the top

l               Breathing will be tiresome but do not hold your breath

l               Hold the posture for 20-30 seconds as per your comfort & release

l               Repeat few times & perform child pose as a counter pose to Dhanurasana


Dhanurasana is very important for stimulating the solar plexus. It regulates the digestive, eliminatory and reproductive organs. It massages the liver and pancreas and is thus very useful for yogic management of diabetes.

The above-mentioned postures directly stimulate pancreas and help in insulin production. Apart from above asanas, one can also practice Suryanamaskar, Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana & AnulomVilom pranayama for Diabetic Management.These asanas are also recommended for people who have been screened for prediabetic condition (a condition that occurs when a person’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be labeled diabetic). Regular yoga practice can really help in reducing the level of sugar in the blood, lowering blood pressure and keeping weight in check which will, in turn, help deal with the said condition.

Shammi’s Yogalaya is conducting a workshop on “Holistic Living for Diabeties” on 15th Novemberat MTNL Training Center, Hiranandani, Powaito educate the participants about yoga & naturopathy so that they can handle this problem smartly and live their life to the fullest.

The writer is the founder of Shammi’s Yogalaya and has been a practitioner of Yoga since 2000. She is an M.A. in Yogashashtra and MBA in Finance & HR, from USA. Her client base includes industrialists, athletes, bollywood stars, patients etc. She can be contacted at or