Teenage protegee

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(Innovation, a crossover between a motor cycle & a car)
Mumbai-based, teenage protégée, 16 years old Master Shivam Tandon develops ‘TRIKE’ (Innovation a crossover between a motor cycle & a car). He is very passionate about Technology, Gadgets, Cars and Innovation.  When his family very clearly told him that, they will never let him buy a Motor Cycle as Two Wheelers are very risky. He thought of innovating a ‘TRIKE’, a Three Wheeler Crossover between a Motor Cycle and a Car; thus, very appropriately creating his own ‘TRIKE’, without any Professional Training or Guidance, just as a Hobby.
He started innovating the ‘TRIKE’ during his 2014 Summer Vacations after appearing for his 10th ICSE Board Exams, using a  Scrapped Motor Cycle Engine, Front Wheel, Shock Absorbers & Steering 
Handle of a Motor Cycle and  Rear Wheels & Axle of a Motor Car. The Chassis & the Body of the ‘TRIKE’ and the supporting System has been indigenously Created and Designed by himself by procuring materials from the Local Vendors. The ‘TRIKE’ has been Developed and Innovated at a total cost of only Rs 35,000. He has done Test Drive and the ‘TRIKE’ is running smoothly and he is very Happy, Satisfied and Content with his Development and Innovation. When Mr. Khalid Jamal, CEO & Principal Consultant, Orion PR learnt about this development, he quoted, “Shivam is very special and an IIT, Material, please don’t let him go waste!”


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At the age of 12, he participated in Robotics Program held by “Indian Innovators Association” and “Think Labs ROBO.IN, SINE, IIT Bombay, Powai” held at “Reliance Web World, Powai” on 10.05.2010 to15.05.2010.  He made a Robot along with other Competitors in the Robotics Program and was declared the GRAND FINALE WINNER of the Program. He has been Awarded a Certificate of Participation as a WINNER by the Organizers.
He had even made a Remote Control Aero plane, a Car, a Centrifugal Machine and a Motor Boat, when he was only 10 years old.
An avid Soccer enthusiast, he also loves Aero-modeling i.e. Flying Small Airplanes & Helicopters, weather & time permitting.  He is a merit Student of “Jamnabai Narsee Monjee School”, studying in the 11th Grade in ISC Science.
Shivam, currently resides with his Mother, Ms Saloni Tandon, who is with TATA’s for more than a decade and is currently a General Manager - Strategic Sales, with Tata Communications Ltd. & has been in the Telecom Industry for over 14 years.