Podar International School - CBSE,

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We Let The Children Be! The Only CBSE School in Powai with International Standards.
                                                                                                          -Rachna Lakshminarayanan

Parents have often asked this question – Why PIS – CBSE, Powai should be the preferred school for their ward. Allow me the liberty to explain….

Today, CBSE curriculum is the norm of the day. A sea change in the CBSE system has been seen since 2009, shifting the focus from teacher-centric to learner-centric. The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system which was practised at a nascent level in some schools was made mandatory in all CBSE schools to bring in International Standardisation into the most widely pursued curriculum in India, hence enabling easy movement across the country. The introduction of grading system instead of marks did away with the rat-race for marks and further brought the CBSE system of education at par with the International CGPA system common in various Universities both nationally and world-wide.

At PIS–CBSE, equal emphasis is given on scholastic, co-scholastic and co-curricular activities which leads to the holistic development of an individual. The personalised attention given to the students with a teacher student ratio of 1: 1.5 ensures proper and in depth knowledge of concepts. The USP of the school is its well-trained staff who are always ready to upgrade themselves by in-service training programmes. Equal weightage is given to indoors and outdoors sports to provide mental and physical exercise.

A lot of experiential learning happens at PIS-CBSE, Powai by including educational field trips related to the curriculum. The use of teaching aids such as visualizers and projectors in all classrooms help in strengthening the concepts and making classroom learning more interactive. The 3 language formula offered right from Class I at our school gives students the advantage of developing their linguistic skill from an early age. Students are encouraged to conduct seminars, debates, role play, radio shows etc. making the classroom atmosphere vibrant and lively, collaborative learning is encouraged by doing interdisciplinary group projects, PPTs etc.

The safety and security of the students is closely monitored with the presence of CCTV cameras not only on the campus but also in school transport. Mindful of the fact that a healthy mind needs a healthy body we have a full time nurse on board who does periodic check-up of students. Very conscious of the fact that IQ goes in hand with EQ, we have an in-house counselor who keeps the minds of the young learners fit.

We, at PIS-CBSE strongly believe that today’s learner is born-smart and just needs the scaffolding by their teachers and facilitators so majority of the learning is aided by hands-on activities. The extra stress given on application and skill based learning rather than knowledge testing at our school helps in making the learner ‘future ready’ in terms of achieving the long term goal of preparing for competitive exams in India be it NDA, CAT, JEE (for IIT, NIT, NIIT), AIPMT, AFMC, Civil Services etc.

At the end of it I tell the parents, if your child is happy coming to school, enjoys his day at school, has good moral values, let the child be! Learning is bound to happen in such an atmosphere. Being the only CBSE school in this vicinity it caters to all this and more as we do not want just good students passing out of our gates, but good individuals who will be socially conscious citizens of tomorrow.

Rachna Lakshminarayanan, Principal (CBSE), Powai is a university topper in M. Sc. (Chem) and a gold medalist in M. Phil (Edu) with distinction in CIDTT from Cambridge University. She has 6 years of administrative and 20 years of teaching experience in various CBSE schools across the country.