Clean-up drive by CMCA


CMCA started its campaign with Hiranandani Foundation School. The school helped ‘Jago Powai’ with traffic issues in Eden market road. They made posters, helped with anti litter campaign had peaceful march and also had a clean-up drive in the same area.

Powai English School children have also been actively participating in CMCA activities. The children after our eco friendly talk in class by volunteers went to local pandals and put up skits and gave talks on eco friendly Ganesha. They also started a clean your own area campaign with the help of the local Corporator. 


Sheril a student of Powai English School met a friend of hers and realised her parents were not sending her to school. She spoke to the parents along with the CMCA volunteer and convinced them to put her back in school. CMCA has managed to find a sponsor for her. They have also started taking up issues of clean classroom campaign.

Prime academy, Gopal sharma memorial and gopal sharma international school has also been involved with cleanliness campaigns and children have been working on making posters and spreading awareness in school.