Activities at Nahar Int School


Art day, Mask festival and rally for No – car Day.

Pablo Picasso rightly observed, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls,” as children from Nahar International School practiced it on 19th August, 2014, with unmatched enthusiasm.

Children were enthralled to experience a range of fine arts brought to their doorstep. This venture was initiated by a collaboration in between students of renowned organisation, J.J School of Art and NIS. The art students enlightened our children with different forms of fine arts like origami, tie and die, block painting, pottery and ceramics. The highlight was thehands on experience that children got during the whole day. Exploring their creativity and experimenting with different materials, inspired many of our little ones to pursue Art. 


Art day was followed by another delightful treat in the form of Mask festival organised on 20th Sept, 2014. The entire family of NIS, had been working on creating expressive masks for many weeks. The hard work and patience of many weeks was rewarded with the auction of the masks, the collection from the same was furthered to the NGO GODS. This enabled children to take pride in their own work, as it was used for charitable cause, simultaneously, enlightening them about the virtue of working for a social cause.

NIS played its part in celebrating NO-CAR day on 22nd September, 2014. Children gathered in front of D-Mart, Chandivali, NaharAmrit Shakti, and walked till the school premises. Children’s enthusiasm could be gauged by the volume of their voices as they shouted slogans like, NO CAR NO CAR… WALK FAR WALK FAR and CAR POOL CAR POOL…SO COOL SO COOL. The entire NIS family including our parents and staff participated in this brief rally. The idea was to let our children be aware of the extent damage, pollution is causing to our environment, also the health benefits of walking rather than depending on technology.