Save Powai Lake

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Even I’m proud of Powai where I’m living for more than 18 years. But whenever I feel proud of Powai immediately one thought daunts me, whether should I be really proud of being a Powiaitie the answer to my this thought is a big "No", even each Powaitie should feel the same. The simple reason being the sorry state of Powai lake which is basically the heart of Powai. As we all know if the heart is weak the whole body becomes weak. I have written few times in the Powai Times though it was published but the initiative to clean or improve has not been taken the reason could be no body is interested or people who are responsible does not want to take initiative the reason best known to them or the complain must have fallen on deaf ears or the paper in which the article was published is being circulated among the blind people.

Today is one more attempt from my side to enlighten the Powaities to save the Powai lake i.e. the Heart of Powai before it dies. If we are really proud of Powai then we should take it up with the highest authorities responsible for Powai lake to clean the lake with all that shrubs eating away the lake, regular maintenance should be carried out, beautify the lake with proper lighting , co-lour full fountain etc so that it becomes one of the tourist attraction and at the same time gives solace to our heart that the Heart of Powai is taken care all the time. It will also boost our value when we say that we are Powaities. It is my humble request to all Powaities to come forward and help our lake( Heart)before it dies, just because we Powaities were negligent in taking care of it, which will be a shame full thing to happen isn't it?. So now it is up to us whether we should be proud or shameful.

- Shekhar Iyer