Onam Celebration

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After having celebrated Onam with their families, a group of ladies from Raheja Vihar decided to have an ‘Onam sadhya’ to celebrate the festival with their friends. Each one of them prepared a dish and collectively they had a lavish spread. This was followed by a game of housie. 

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On 28th September Thriveni Malayalee Samaj , Raheja Vihar organised Onam celebration at Ayyapa Vishnu temple. The President, Mr. Narayanan welcomes the gathering. This was followed by a host of cultural programs that was participated with enthusiasm by the residents of the complex. The purpose of the cultural programs was to inculcate the tradition among the new generation. A lavish ‘Sadya’ brought smiles to the faces of everybody. The event was attended by approximately 250 people.

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