Best quality of car care solutions at an affordable price


The next time your car needs care and attention, make sure you take it to ICCU – the new state-of-the-art workshop that is well-equipped to handle multi-brand cars. The location has had a history of workshops A1, Ekbote and Triptronics. ICCU is a well thought out venture by 2 young men with fire in their belly to make a world of difference in car repairs & service.

My Powai caught up with Mandar Koli and Vinit Lohiya - the  2 entrepreneurs of ICCU to find out more about their business and future plans.


ICCU is an interesting name. Tell us a little more about it?
Vinit Lohiya:
For every car owner, small or big, his/her car is always close to the heart. Whenever your heart needs care, you are taken to ICCU of a hospital.  Based on these thoughts, we coined this name ‘ICCU- Intensive Car Care Unit’ where we would take care of your car just like how you are treated in the ICCU of hospital. 

Have either of you worked in a car service centre?
Mandar Koli: I’ve been very passionate about cars since I was 12 yrs old. I use to goto my uncle’s garage after my school & sit there for hours and kept fidgeting with the small items of the car that use to come in. Best part was that my uncle never stopped me from doing this and seeing my interest, he suggested me to take up Automobile engineering.

Eventually I did my automobile engineering and subsequently underwent training at Honda, BMW ( advanced training). The big break came after my stint at Maruti when Jagaur Land Rover Service Center employed me. I worked for 2 years there & became GT level 3 driver.

I also worked with Ekbote Sir at this very premise. However the experience at JLR was the best thing to happen to me.

Since both of you are not locals, what brought you here to start a workshop?
Mandar Koli:
I’ve been here since Ekbote Sir’s workshop. So initially, the work was the reason to be here.

Vinit Lohiya: I’m not a local but I reside in Andheri(W). I wanted the workshop to be near to my residence, so that I can reach the workplace well in time. Because of metro this has been possible. More importantly, this location has a perfect blend of residential & commercial activities.

There are very few places in Mumbai where you will have such a large density of both homes & offices. The location perfectly fitted into our plan of operations.

Give me 3 good reasons as to why a car owner should trust his car with ICCU?
Vinit Lohiya:
1. Competitive Pricing 2. Transparency & genuineness 3. State of the art equipments and specially trained multi car technicians for all brands of cars and Mandar himself being an automobile engineer is good enough to take care of any problems of any car. 


Are the workmen certified technicians?
Mandar Koli:
Yes. Certified & well experienced in all types of cars. We regularly send our technicians for various training sessions in order to update themselves.

How different is ICCU compared to any other workshop?
Mandar Koli:
ICCU is different in many ways. If you come to our workshop, you will feel the difference in the air. For us a customer’s problem and his car comes first. We will soon be starting courtesy vehicle services for our loyal customers wherein a replacement car will be provided if the car will be with us for more then 2-3 days.


In comparison to:
Authorized Service Center
- Our quality will be as good as authorized workshop but pricing will be lower than them. Even service to customers will be of the highest quality.

Roadside or Local Garage - Ideally we don’t compare ourselves with them but still like to mention, reliability of service, workmanship & genuine parts are a guarantee. We offer warranty for the services we do. Complete transparency of spares quality & pricing will be there.

How can you define ICCU in one line?
Vinit Lohiya:
We provide the best quality of car care solutions at an affordable price! Any Car ! Any Brand!

What are your future plans?
Vinit Lohiya:
Our plans are to open a chain of similar workshops across Mumbai in the next 2 years. Subsequently we would replicate it in other metro cities.We firmly believe that if we can provide best car care solutions at reasonable prices, there is huge potential in this market. Winning customers trust is key!