POWAI , AUGUST 27, 2014

Gopal Sharma Memorial School embraced Lard Gaensha the Deity of Deities in the school auditorium with great pride and honour in a rather eco-friendly way.

The assembly started of with the primary students singing the diving Gaensha hymn and created a religious environment in the auditorium which was followed by a phenomenal dance performance  ‘Ganesha Satuti’ put up by the primary students. Then there was a presentation explaining the origin of this festival which had a religious as well as a social cause.

After which another presentation was put up by one of the teachers where in she explained the pollution caused by  POP idols as well as the colossal Ganesha idols at the time of immersion.  She explained its darker side and also gave remedies which may not only help mankind to overcome this difficulty but would also help them to continue this grand festival.

Following it, was a skit which displayed the superiority of lard Ganesha over his brother  Kartikye as well as the whole universe. The very special thing about this skit was that it was enacted not by the students but by the teachers of the pre-primary section.

After that there was a motivational, inspirational as well as an eye opening speech by the school  Principal Mrs. Gool Ghadiali she explained how the  idols which the people used to worship were dumped into the sea which affect the marine  life  and at  times how the large idol are brought  back to the sea shore with the waves.

She laid emphasis  that we should either have permanent or eco friendly Ganesha idols. She ended her massage with the beautiful quote of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see.” 

In this way Gopal Sharma Memorial School celebrated the Ganeshaotsav with great happiness and awareness. 

By -  Jayesh  Parab  (Std : X)