School News December 2019


Children’s day Celebration

Bunts Sangha’s S M Shetty High School & Junior College celebrated the Children’s Day keeping this objective in mind. Our students were spellbound with lots of surprises awaiting them in school today.

Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of the society’, says our Principal Ma’am, Ms Seema Sabhlok.

The students of Primary section celebrated this day with fun and frolic in the BAL MELA held in school. The whole environment was filled with festive spirit wherein the students had an opportunity to experience different stall set up in the fair. There were different game stalls, eatery corner, Tattoo and art corner, DJ room. The children experienced each and every stall with eager and enthusiasm.  Through this they developed confidence amongst themselves to be independent and caring and aroused interest in public events.  Dressed in vibrant costumes, hearts filled with joy and fun, our students went back home loaded with fond memories. 
The students of Secondary section celebrated this day withfull zest. The students watched the movies in their classrooms with their buddies and teachers. Along with fun and games, various competitions like, ‘Poster Making’, ‘Box Cricket’, ‘Origami Activities’, ‘Solo Dance Competition’ and entertainment programmes were held.
Children relished the chocolates and enjoyed their day to the fullest.
It was a fun-filled day for all the students.


Children’s day, to celebrate "Childhood”​

HFS International marked the 2019 Children’s Day with weeklong celebrations that included activities like talent show; talk show on what they like and drawing competitions across all levels.
The most exciting of the activities was the interactive session with the celebrated author, Dav Pilkey. This event was organised by our Principal, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik for students of Cambridge International grades 4 to 9 on 20th Nov, 2019. The students and parents were astounded by the plan.

Bestselling author Dav Pilkey hits the right note with HFSI students Ahead of internationally acclaimed author, Dav Pilkey’s next instalment in the Dog Man series and as part of his global book tour, Hiranandani Foundation School, International organised a meet-and-greet opportunity for its students at the Royal Opera House, Charni Road. Busloads of primary and secondary students witnessed the bestselling American author share episodes of his turbulent childhood as he grappled with ADHD and Dyslexia and was often ostracised due to his disruptive ways. Pilkey spoke about the power of reading and reflected on the many ways books inspire. He encouraged his young audience to turn every challenge into an opportunity and make a positive difference with Pilkey’s three Ps-positivity, practice and persistence. He shared how his most loved comic book superheroes were created in the school hallway, where he would spend most of his time. Dog Man follows the adventures of a canine superhero who’s part dog and part policeman. It explores the universal themes of empathy, compassion, kindness and persistence.

Attendees were treated to fun activities including drawing sessions, photo opportunities with both the author and his very endearing Dog Man costumed character, autographed books, capes and giveaways. The ebullience was irrepressible even as the author appealed to the fevered psyche of his young spectators. ‘The world is my oyster’ and there wasn’t a dissenting voice! All in all it was meaningful, effective and insightful.
Happy Children’s Day ever!


PEHS celebrates the 40th Annual Day - an event to remember​

Powai English High School, one of the oldest and most reputed schools in Powai celebrated their 40th Annual Day on 15th November 2019 in Kalidas Kalamandir, Mulund. Named as ‘JHALAK’, the program showcased the talents of P. E. H. S. students. The primary section of the school celebrated the Annual Day in the morning session The Chief Guests for the morning session was the notable playback singer Mr. Srikant Narayan and Ms. Ayesha Kaduskar  (actress). There was no doubt that the young kids dazzled the audience with their spirited performance. After appreciating the performance of the little ones, Srikant even sang for them.

But there was more to come; in the afternoon session the secondary section celebrated their Annual Day with a lot of pomp and splendor. Mr. Sandeep Soparker – Internationally acclaimed, Indian-Latin Ball room Dancer, renowned Bollywood choreographer, actor and Radio Jockey (RJ) was the Chief Guest for the afternoon session. Sandeep Soparker spoke to the children and mentioned that he was very happy to be a part of such a splendid show.

The secondary section Head Mistress - Mrs. Shirley Udaykumar and the primary section Head Mistress Mrs. Latha Prasad Pillai highlighted the achievements of the school and the amazing journey of the school in 40 years. It was a nostalgic moment to hear the messages from the ex-students. Parents were excited to see their wards on the stage performing. The act “TRIBUTE TO JAWAN” got a sense of patriotism to everyone watching the show. The children kept raising the bar with their excellent performance and it was difficult to choose the best one.

All the 3 headmistress - Mrs. Shirley Udaykumar (Secondary), Mrs. Latha Prasad Pillai (Primary), Mrs. Bhavana Magoo (KG) have to be complimented for putting up such a brilliant show along with the dedicated team of teachers and staff of P. E. H. S. 


Annual Day celebration of Podar International School

Podar International School, Cambridge Assessment International Education, Powai, celebrated its 6th Annual day with artificial intelligence entering our homes in the form of robots being the theme, on 9 November, 2019, at Kalidas auditorium. Dr Sujit Chatterjee, CEO of Dr L H Hiranandani hospital presided over the function, inspiring the audience with his unprecedented words and advice.
The event began with a dazzling orchestra by the students, which comprised of a team of students playing miscellaneous number of instruments ranging from drums, violin, keyboard, guitar etc. The performance was unparalleled with the singers being backed by the mellifluous music composers. Two of the Podarites eloquently recited their poems, spreading the message of peace and love. The achievers in various categories were honoured with certificates and trophies, highlighting and celebrating their accomplishments.

The opening dance performance commenced with a robot named ‘Cambi’ (derived from Cambridge), entering the life of Petersons. The performances brilliantly focussed on the positive and negative aspects of having robots in our houses and how it is impossible for the robots to be more compassionate than humans. The renditions aesthetically depicted how robots can surely learn human behaviour and understand how to respond, even if they can't experience the emotions.

The continuous flow of nineteen exemplary performances, tantamount to watching a movie in the theatre, evoking various feelings and leaving a strong message of how one cannot keep technology away from one’s life, ultimately concluded with a tantalizing finale dance.