Powai’s moonlight mystique

Pellentesque erat arcu

Sweat dripped off me as I tackled one of my opponents. I gritted my teeth and lunged forward, releasing the ball with a flick. Like a homing device, the ball went straight into the basket, with a satisfactory whoosh. Cries of joy and excited chatters filled the air, blending into the atmosphere of the court. After a victorious game of basketball at the Eden Court, I decided that my screaming and stiff muscles needed a cool stroll through the moonlit streets of Powai.

Passing through the Eden Garden, I gazed up at the sky. Silver moonlight bathed the greenery, giving it a divine aura. An ambrosial fragrance was all around me, filling every modicum of my exhausted body with an inexplicable rush of energy. A gentle breeze, took away the beads of sweat adorning my arms as I feasted my eyes on the delightful games of Mother Nature. Every blade of grass, every dew-drop wetted leaf, every protruding tree branch and every wild creeper that thrived in this garden, seemed to silently soak in the unspoken beauty vested in the picturesque scene that lay before me. But the most breathtaking feature that stood out, was the pond. The shimmering reflection of the moon formed by the ripples of the water, is something that will always remain etched in my memories for years to come. The soothing babbling of the little pond seemed to lull the creatures around it into a deep sleep.
I was jerked back to my senses when I glanced at my watch. It was getting very late, but I still had to visit another place which I had fashioned as my secret lair. I stumbled upon it last year and just when I thought that I would go berserk studying for the boards, it proved to be a tonic for my nerves. I made my way to the Go – Karting point of Powai and strode into a brand new, unused jogging park. The trees were alive with the monotonous hum of the cicadas, which was like music to my ears. The sky was a deep inky color, spotted with stars, which looked like glittering white orbs. As the clouds parted, they revealed the moon in all its splendor. Illuminating the sky, it looked enveloped in its own silky veil, spreading its radiance throughout the vast abyss. The track was encrusted with tall rambling trees on either side, adding on to the essence of the place.

I plopped down on a bench just to catch my breath and to savor the minutes, slowly. It’s amazing how many treasure troves I had managed to get hold of in my locality. Powai is brimming with such amazing spots, which can leave you baffled, with your jaw hanging down.

So, if you’re flustered and in an urgent need of a hideout, all it takes, is one moonlit walk in Powai.

 I would return back to the park tomorrow.

                                                                                                               - Chaarvi Athawale