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Tips for smart partying ‚Äč

We are in the last leg of festivities for this year before our resolutions kick in again and motivate us to get on the health bandwagon once again. With this comes the final round of parties – from Christmas parties to office and ringing in the new year parties, there will be invites galore. Along with this the most common companion is “temptation”. Temptation to do the final round of cheat meals or days for the year.

So this time round, I am here to help you stay on your fitness wagon and “Cheat” smartly without causing too much damage to your goals.

1. Smart Pick: You may get several invites for parties from various sets of friends and family. Begin by sticking to your fitness goal by deciding which parties are most important for you and you just can’t skip. Only attend those.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast: On the day of your party, begin the day by having a wholesome and healthy breakfast. Choosing a source of complex carbohydrate which will help you keep full through the day is an important step towards not pouncing on the buffet table and filling yourself up with whatever is there in the spread. A hungry stomach always overpowers the mind.

3. Eat before: It is always smart to have small, frequent meals through the day again to avoid mindless over eating. One of the biggest culprits are buffet spreads and common drink bowls that provide easy calories to you without you being aware of the calorie damage it does. Snack on oats or protein bars, vegetable bhel or pieces of fruit so that you are not ravenous when you reach the party. Try to eat mindfully. Be aware of what you are picking. Don’t nibble. Try to pick the healthiest options from the spread available.

4. Rest: Most parties are on well into the night. Try to get in some rest or a power nap in the day so that not only can you enjoy the party well but also when you are rested you tend to eat and drink with awareness.

5. Nurse your drink: Parties or “chilling” in today’s times inevitably means getting unreasonably drunk for most people. If you consume alcohol, chose wisely and try to stretch your drink as long as possible. Always snack while you drink to avoid the unpleasant after effects of over indulgence. Alcohol hits harder on an empty stomach. Avoid sugary drinks. A punch or sangria bowl pack silent calories and you will not be able to gauge how many calories you have consumed.

6. Move:  As far as possible maintain your daily exercise routines. This will help in keeping you on track. I get a lot of people who have gone off track towards the end of the year. The thought most often is that “I’ll take a break, enjoy and get back with renewed vengeance in the New Year”.  This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Movement is even more important since one tends to pack in extra calories during this time. Try to break your physical activity time in to shorter blocks of movement. You will thank yourself for sticking to your routine. Also, during a party, get on the dance floor and burn all those indulgent calories away!

7. Hydrate: Water is your best friend. Keeping oneself well hydrated not only prevents ones system from becoming dysfunctional and lethargic but it also helps to keep your metabolism working like clockwork. Sip on it throughout the day. For every glass of alcohol consumed, alternate it with a glass of water. This goes a long way in preventing the torturous after effects of excessive alcohol intake.

8. Don’t deprive: If there is something that you really like, enjoy it without guilt. BUT, portion control. It is seen that enjoying every bite of food with awareness actually reduces the need to consume larger portions. It will be smarter of you, that if you know in advance there’s going to be something in the party that you really enjoy, then to manage your food intake wisely so that you remain within your quota as far as possible. Enjoy your choice completely.

After a night of indulgence, to be able to recover quickly make sure you get in a tall glass of water with the juice of a lemon, snack on bananas or crackers or sip on some warm green tea and do some light activity so as to cleanse your body.

Hoping to help you to party smartly this season with the help of these tips and seeing you with positive fitness goals in the New Year.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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Readers Question:
Q:  Dear Madam, I have two queries 1) can we eat dal – rice for dinner? 2) How to prepare rice?
                                                                                                    Ms. Deepa Nayak
A:Dear Ms. Nayak, 1) Yes, you can definetly eat dal – rice for dinner. The idea is to add some vegetables and a small portion of salad to make the meal complete. Addition of these will make sure that the body is able to digest the food slowly and effectively without causing any negative effects or “sugar rush” in your body. Of course, the amount consumed needs to be determined after understanding your lifestyle and requirements. I will always advise portion control.
2) Ideal scenario, rice should be cooked with retaining the water or “kanji”. Throwing the water leads to loss of essential vitamins.

We at My Powai are now taking our reader’s queries related to Diet & Nutrition, which Ms. Nisha Singh will reply to in our forthcoming issues.

You can send your questions at:

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