Tarot December 2019

Pellentesque erat arcu

Aries: Focus on what is not working in your life. It could be a nagging discomfort but could potentially turn into something bigger, if left unattended. Seek holistic solutions and do not treat the situation aggressively. You have the capability to handle this .It could be a persistent ache that you are ignoring or a minor theft you are letting go. Understand the source and handle it now.

Taurus: You may be witnessing change around you and this may be making you uncomfortable. Instead of resisting it or making judgments about the situation, you need to take a step back and reassess your values and priorities as to where and why the situation came about. In areas where you cannot find a solution you need to consult an expert in the matter and decide according to the advice given.

Gemini: Lately you might be feeling at crossroads or even having deeper questions as to the purpose of life. You might have been through a lot of pain or suffering and it is this exact pain point that will nudge you onto a path to take on to get fulfillment. Follow the path that inspires you and fires you up. Take on something that is close to your hart and keep your focus totally on it without being misled by distractions.
Cancer: In times of need, feel free to help and also seek help. We avoid doing so because we feel a disconnect and feel that they are separate from us, hence the hesitation. Consider the situation as if it were in your family and all concerned people are your family members and you will begin to feel an ownership and will readily help out and even treat them enough to ask for help if you require it.

Virgo: In the chaos and mayhem that surrounds you at this point of time, learn to accept things as they are and process them without judgment and biases. You cannot possibly control the outcome of everything. Allow opposing view and mannerisms to co exist and somehow try to find the humor in the situation. Why so serious, get some happiness!!

Libra: Invest in rest! The situations may seem stressful and demanding on your energy and time. The advice here is to take time off from the constant “doing” and have trust that eventually things will sort themselves out. Replenish yourself frequently and take brief periods of respite. This will re energise you and you will be back to handle everything with a happier and a more enthusiastic frame of mind.

Scorpio: Move through your fears and bring on the changes that are required for you to progress in life. You subconsciously know what needs to be done, but are avoiding it because it is easier to remain in the comfort zone of the familiar rather than risk the newness of change. Drop whatever gives you grief, whether it is a person project or an item. If it does not serve you, you have to let it go. Decluttering your personal spaces and having salt water baths will keep you energised

Sagittarius: There are too many things demanding your attention and consequentially nothing gets done in it s entirety. Frustration and disappointment tend to build up. Prioritize what needs to be handled first and focus only on that with the exclusion of all else. Do not multi task and utilise the tools resources and skills that are available to you to execute things in a more faster and efficient manner. Treat people well and make them feel important.

Capricorn: Be conscious of your feelings. When you are encountered by fear or conflicting feelings, you tend to feel separated from others and then tend to judge other points of view as negative or positive. The advice is to approach everyone and everything assuming that they are giving their best and to the maximum of their ability. You will find yourself being compassionate and will be able to give and receive opinions and thoughts in a free manner with a lot of relief.
Aquarius: You are being called on to handle a vast array of situations and trouble shoot many crises. You have an inherent love for people around you and your protective nature compels you to be there and take charge. In the process the one thing that you are missing out on is self care. You need to detach completely at times to take a break from the constant stress and focus totally of rest, healing and rejuvenation of self

Pisces: The current scenario demands that you should have more information than is available to you. You need to research the situation further to get the proper perspective of how to go ahead. Read the fine print before making any transactions final. Consult an advisor, counselor of a spiritual guru to get more guidance into the subject. Read up and upgrade your qualifications to get ahead in life.

(Sapna Shahri is an acclaimed Tarot card reader having clients all over the world. She not only gives consultations but also teaches the Tarot, encouraging people to use this medium to seek guidance in their daily lives. She can be contacted at Tel: 8879617735)