Have Raheja Vihar residents been taken for a ride?

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One of the most contentious issues in Powai today is the problem faced by the Raheja Vihar residents on the notice 22 buildings received from Sir Mohammed Yusuf Trust that it owns the land on which the buildings stand. The notice clearly states that no flats from those buildings can be sold or rented out. While the developer has denied all claims made by the trust and have issued a statement reassuring the residents that they will take all necessary legal steps to protect the interest of the flat owners, the residents are still getting sleepless nights.

The residents knowing fully well that any matter in the court could take years approached local ex Corporator Mr. Sharad Pawar who is also a resident of Raheja for help. On Aug 31, Mr Pawar got the sitting MLA of the area Mr. Naseem Khan to meet the residents and listen to their woes directly.

The residents complained to Mr. Khan who patiently heard them out. While it was made clear to the residents that the agenda was for the notice that was received, surprisingly some members got other issues like traffic, quality of roads and security to the forum.
Mr Khan assured them that he would study the notice, understand the issue and would extend all help to ensure that the residents would not be troubled. The following week as promised Mr. Khan and Mr. Pawar made rounds with relevant authorities to look into the other matters that were causing discomfort to the residents.

Mr. Khan is the MLA of the area since 1999 and enjoys a lot of support from the voters. With the election around the corner, he would definitely want to woo his voters and what better way than to reach out to them in a moment of crisis.