JKIP October 2019

Pellentesque erat arcu

The 16th  consecutive session of JKIP began with remembering the departed souls in pitru Paksha.

Dance section
In newly introduced dance section,  Kathak performance by Nirja invoked the blessings of Ganesha.

International discovery
Anchor Dr. Ruchi said “Most of us know Illiad and Odyssey, written by Homer but very few know about Aeneid(9000 lines epic) by Virgil(29-19 BC) an unsung poet, all these poems were written in the backdrop of War Of Troy. She also shared  basic similarity between these poems and Mahabharata, the longest epic in the world with one lac couplets in Sanskrit.  She made this part more interactive which was well reciprocated by audience. It took 7 days, to write &  research ,such  an interesting content for  Ruchi & creative director Hempushpak Arora, which was not possible without untiring support from our wonder girl Maushmi Mondal ( a golden content hand of team).All clapped  for her Poem too on Vikram Lander, “ Manzil pakar kaun  raste ki or dekhta hai? Manzil tak kaun pooch gaya,yad usse kaun karta hai?” To celebrate the birth day of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay Ashimukta  – A trained  Rabindra sangeet singer,on high public demand,  sang the song Piyu bole, piya bole ( Parineeta).She also sang the Rabindra Sangeet , “Jokhon prothom dhoreche koli amar mallika bone.” She simply mesmerised audience by her beautiful, dulcet voice.

Ashok Manocha (Delhi) described the state of the hapless senior citizens in his poem referring to youth as “udtee see jawani”. Dinesh Shah said “bees ko na koi Ghalib tha na koi pachchis ka Mir” Spiritual Shilpa Sontakke moved audience by  “shikayten zaban tak aa aa ke laut jaati hain”.

Humayun in his sharp satire in his patent style said “  bana kar floor ka index bana lete bade tower...........Multiplex malls kee raunaq ho gayee laila, majnu ke haath mein bus vahi gulab hai”

Avdhesh Vishwakarma moved audience by his own written & composed ghazal performance.....Jeet kar bhee haar ka silsila  chalta raha.......

In her poem, Geeta Ashavadi spoke of leaving her foot marks on the sand of time. 
Veivek Asthana music composer from Star Academy (Aarey)and a socially aware poet  spoke of saving the environment “ Ab nahi jagoge? Tow kab jagoge? With an impactful delivery.

Shree Ram recited “mujhme aap basein to janoon”.

To end the session Anita Ravi gave important information relating to Hindi Divas.

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