Tarot October 2019

Pellentesque erat arcu

Aries: Your inherent optimism has resurfaced, it has won the battle against depression. You need to acknowledge the tough times you have been through and  pat yourself. Now is the time for renewed hopes and beginnings. Any new project / deal/ job you wish to get/ begin, now is the time. The angles’ blessings are with you. Go ahead with faith, enthusiasm and confidence.
Taurus: To reach your target you need to be focused on one goal at a time and single mindedly channel all your concentration, energy and resources towards that one purpose. Be committed, avoid distractions and apply all your resources to achieve success. Be creative in finding solutions.
Gemini: Your sense of security, happiness and well being is false and you know it. If you do not accept the façade you are putting up, nature will find a way of exposing the truth. It is better to accept how the situation is, accept what has to end and work on creating a reality that will make you a stronger and more peaceful person.
Cancer: Cancer, this month you need to handle things with compassion and love rather than rage and anger. This approach only will get you the results. Whatever fears you are running away from, stop, do an about turn and face them squarely. You will find them disappearing and not so fearsome at all. You have to recognize that you have the strength and the ability to do it!
Leo: This month is about sharing and giving. And this does not mean only in terms of money. It can be in the form of time, energy, knowledge or love. When you give, you also receive. Check what you have been neglecting, and direct your attention towards that and you shall also get what you have been looking out for!
Virgo:  Virgo, heartache and pain are the biggest motivators to better our life. Betrayal, loss,  heartache, breach of trust, come into our lives to teach us an important lesson. Look beyond the pain for that important message.
Libra: A month of being high on energy. Health, vitality, good health. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life like reading a book, spending time with nature and loved ones. It’s a message that your pending works will be completed with relative ease. Bonhomie and wellbeing !
Scorpio: Scorpio, your spiritual side calls to you this month. Materialism and consumerism have lost their enchantment for you. You want to spend some time alone to rethink where you are headed in life. Take time out to dig into your inner self, where all the answers to your questions lie. Meditate!
Sagittarius: After a tough time, now its time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Physical, emotional and sensual satisfaction. Spend quality time with your partner. You have the right to take time off to enjoy life. You might be thinking of big things in life at this moment. Ensure that the ideas translate into action to achieve results.
Capricorn: This is a period of great mental clarity. Things become clearer and the accomplishment of whatever you might desire is easier in this period. The issues which have been unclear and clouded upto now get clarity and you have better insights about the issues and have the mental stamina to “fight it out”
Aquarius: Though you are a person who thinks and acts uniquely Aquarius, this is the time when you need to conform rather than rebel. Walk the well trodden path instead of blazing a new one. Doing things in the traditional manner is a better option for you this month. You may be attracted to join an organisation or be a part of a group of like minded people.
Pisces: Good, bad. Happiness heartbreak. These are two sides to the coin of life .Don’t be so obsessed with the downsides of life that you fail to see the blessings that ARE available to you in your life . Reflect. Analyse. Learn. And forgive. Leave the past where it the past. Don’t let it ruin your present.
(Sapna Shahri is an acclaimed Tarot card reader having clients all over the world. She not only gives consultations but also teaches the Tarot, encouraging people to use this medium to seek guidance in their daily lives. She can be contacted at Tel: 8879617735)