Powai Municipal School on its way to becoming a global sustainability leader

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Powai based Global Environmental Organization Earth5R has selected the Municipality School in Sangharsh Nagar of Chandivali, Powai to for a transformation into sustainable school.

With the support of local citizens, companies operating in local and global locations, this school will become a global role model of sustainability. Within the next year, the school will become zero-waste and will have recycled furniture, an e-waste based computer lab, access to clean drinking water, a renewable source of energy as well as provisions of rainwater harvesting.

The school has 1400 children who mostly come from underprivileged backgrounds and live in nearby localities of Chandivali and Powai.

The Problem:
Nearly half of the children studying the school have to sit on the floor in unhygienic conditions since the school doesn’t have enough funds to provide benches for all children. Sitting on the floors, especially for long hours is not very good for the posture and children often complain of pain in the back and legs. It affects their health in the long run.

This large school has 4 floors and out of 8 water stations, only 1 has a filter. 80% of the children consume unfiltered tap water.
Improper waste management has ruined the open areas in the school including the areas of the playground.

A lot of children use old, worn-out and torn bags to carry their books, stationery, food, and water or some of the children have to carry them in their hands.
Saurabh Gupta, founder of Earth5R says- “There are millions of children and numerous schools around the world facing similar issues. We can’t help each one of them individually, but we can create a spark of change!”

The Solution:
Earth5R came up with a framework of ACT Schools Project. This ambitious project is replicable and it has an inspiring prototype. It’s transforming schools into a sustainable learning ecosystem by tackling waste, water, energy issues while creating a profound social impact.
Following are the action items under this project -
1. Eco-bricks Garden and Compost Station - Plastic bottles are collected and stuffed with non-recyclable plastic waste. These are used as eco-bricks to build beautiful gardens and compost stations that tackle the shortage of plants and reduces the amount of organic waste entering landfills.
2. Benches and Desks with Storage Capacity - With ongoing Powai lake clean-ups the plastic is collected and used as raw materials to make good quality benches and desks. Through this, two problems are being solved - 
a. Lack of infrastructure in Municipal schools.
b. Plastic pollution in Powai’s ecosystem.
3. School Bags for All - Plastic bottles collected during the cleanups are recycled to manufacture water-resistant school-bags. In this manner, plastic waste is brought back into the system and women are given a livelihood.
4. E-waste Computer Lab - Repurposing electronic waste to produce refurbished computer units for long-term use in the school.
5. Rooftop Solar Panel System - Installation of a roof-top solar panel system to provide a source of renewable energy in the school for the next 25 years
6. Water Filters - Providing a suitable and hygienic source of filtered drinking water for students. The aim is to build multiple drinking water stations.

Together with Lufthansa-Swiss Airlines Group, Earth5R has committed Rupees 50 Lakh funding support for this project.

Saurabh Gupta, founder of Earth5R and a resident of Raheja Vihar Powai, was recently invited as a speaker for a TEDx Talk in Paris. There, he presented the sustainable development model of Powai to inspire the global audience. 

Post the TEDx Talk Saurabh was able to drive global attention to the problem of waste and how we as citizens can play individual roles in solving these issues rather than protesting or depending on governments to provide those solutions.

You can check out his talk called “From Individualism to Collectivism” TED Talk website:

Earth5R is looking for citizens, companies, and organizations from Powai locality to join hands and dedicate their efforts to a brighter future of our local children.

To volunteer with Earth5R please contact Earth5R team via WhatsApp text on 9920045587 or email at