How my Husband tracked my lost Mobile within Two and Half hours

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My name is Meenakshi I am a resident of Powai, I have been staying in Powai since 04 years. My husband works in the Defence force. I would like to share my experience of how I lost my mobile Samsung A7 and how my husband who is presently in Chennai was able to track it down from there and got it returned within two and half hour.

On 11 Sep 19, I took my 08 Months old baby for vaccination at a child’s clinic Hiranandani Garden Powai. I along with my mother took an auto from MHADA Rambaug Powai and asked him to drop us at Dr Iyer’s Clinic. After reaching the clinic, I realized that I had forgotten my mobile in the auto. Immediately I tried calling my mobile phone from my mother’s phone but then I realized that it was in silent mode.

Then I called up my husband who asked me not to panic and file a report in Powai police station. He then called up his college senior who is an IPS officer in Chandigarh to ask how to track the mobile or if he can help tracking it down. He told my husband to file a report, he also spoke to the officer regarding the matter and expedite the tracking process. Meanwhile my husband asked my email id and password, however I was not able to recall password so I gave 3-4 password to try.

My husband who was in Chennai somehow logged in to my google account and did something which I was not aware. He then started sending me pictures of screenshots of a location which he said is my phone. I was shocked how he can be so sure whether its my phone. Later he asked me to go to those location I along with my father hired an auto and went to location shared by my husband. But the location was changing frequently as the phone was in auto which was moving with passengers. With this, he was sure of two things, One that the phone is not been stolen, two that the phone is slipped into the corner of the auto which the auto driver or passenger could not see it. Also my husband told that the battery was decreasing of the mobile so not to call to ensure there is no further drain of the battery.

After tracking location for two hours and with only 14% battery left, my husband dropped a message on the mobile “LOST PHONE IF FOUND KINDLY RETURN TO POWAI POLICE STATION FROM DCP along with mobile number. I was tired and returning with no hope as it was my favorite mobile gifted by my husband with loads of memories in it.

Then I got a call from my husband to collect the mobile from Powai police station. Hearing this, I was so happy that I can’t express in words. I went to Powai police station and got my phone back within two and half hours. Even the police guys asked me how did I track the mobile down which I explained to them after understanding from my Husband. On that day I was so impressed by him as if he was some James Bond who got my mobile from Chennai.
Guys I want to share how to track your mobile. In your android mobile( don’t know about I phone) there is a google feature” Lost my Phone” with the help of this you can log into your google account from some other mobile or laptop but your lost mobile internet connection should be on and working. You can easily track the location. There are three option you can ring your mobile from remote location, you can erase all data if its stolen by some thief, you can also leave a message for the person who gets your mobile so that he can deliver it to you. Guys believe me it really works.