Giving energy to Powai with music

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Music is the language of the soul. It brings together people from different age groups, cultures and backgrounds. This is what Powai energizers did recently. This facebook group created by Gitanjali and Siddharth has bought together 2500 plus members in less than 3 months.
The mission is to provide a platform for people to connect to each other for music, arts, dance, literature, poetry, sports and every passion that we may have dreamt about but we're unable to pursue.
Mahalaxmi and Kunal mentored the singers. Kedar, Avinash played amazing instrumental symphonies. The event was beautifully hosted by Pooja and Kunal. Lip smacking snacks were provided by Rubal & Lavish.
Powai Energizers plans to host more such community events and is looking forward to your love and support.