JKIP- Fourteenth Session

Pellentesque erat arcu

The birthday of ‘Madiba’, as Nelson Mandela is lovingly called in South Africa, on July 18th is celebrated the world over as 'Mandela Divas'. Through 27 tough years in jail, Mandela could remain inspired by poem ‘INVICTUS’ and ultimately achieved victory over the curse of RACISM. This message was received by all through an eloquent delivery of the poem by Dr. Ruchi. July 20 was the day man landed on moon, 10 yr old Nisaba informed the gathering.
Anveshi ji recited his couplet on Mandela and commented on current situation ‘vahaan machinen hain lagee gine jaa rahe note, idhar zindgee de rahee sada chot pur chot.’
Shilpa Sontakke a linguist (speaks 10 languages) was effective with her short poems  ‘Zindgi jab deti hai to ehsaan nahin kartee leti hai to lihaaz nahin kartee’.
Anita Ravi was in conversation with the past in ’Raat main or itihaas bahut din baad mile’
Sudden downpour set an apt background for the “Yaad Bahut Aaoge” from Deepak Khair rendered in his melodious voice.
Vivek Govilkar came up with a hitting satire on those who search the right path to enlightenment through Gurus 'Mahatma Mujhe Marg Dikhayen” and forget that knowledge lies within.
Veteran Nadaan blessed Hempushpak his book titled ‘khwaab jo saj na sake’ (ghazals).
Ustaad shayar Dr Wahid’s picturised irony of modern day in his nazm, 'bus meri khaana badoshi ka ek elaan baki hai’
Shamim Abbas rocked the mehfil with his bebaak shayari and impressive delivery “kahin khapaye bina tum apne ko, chain se mar sakoge kya, chalo jo khud ko bacha bhi lo, to bacha kar karoge kya?’. His message for poets, ‘ tum mein kuch bhi wahiyat nahin , jaao tum aadmi kee zaat nahin, ……….shayari hai ye shaayree sahab, ye shareefon ke bas kee baat nahin’ received tunderous applaud.
Shri Ram Sharma showed his hidden vocal talent with ‘khwabon mein mere aaya karo tum bhee kabhi kabhi’
Veteran Aarif Azmi,  the man of few words, yet again showed his magic. Kavya Shatre Vinoden kalo gacchhatee dheemtaam, vyasnen ch moorkhanaam nidrayakalhen va’, Lakshman Dube ji once again shared pearls of wisdom from our Shastras. He blessed JKIP and similar initiatives ‘rahe shauq se maiqada ye tumhara, magar pyaaas hur dum hamaari hogee’.
Next Forum on August 10 (Saturday)