Let it pour

Pellentesque erat arcu

Numbers swarmed in my head, creating havoc and playing games with my brain. After three long hours of trigonometry, my exhausted mind was looking for an excuse to venture out. As if right on cue, the world beckoned. Cascading sheets of rain fell on the Earth, not to challenge its weary inhabitants, but to caress the face of the Earth, and to swallow up this wave of heat which had engulfed the entire city. Tucking a stray strand of my hair behind my ear, I hurried over to the place where this beautiful play of forces of nature would look most majestic.
Though it was just drizzling outside, it was as if each element of the world in Powai was celebrating jubilantly this onset of rains. As I came out from my building, the streets of Powai had suddenly turned green and vibrant. The smell of fresh earth filled me and I felt rejuvenated. The tall gigantic trees swayed with their branches as if dancing to the please the Lord of Rains, while the cool moist wind sucked the dryness out of everything, bringing rain to the parched earth below. Whenever I walked past the gardens of Powai, it was as if the grass below had suddenly spread out like a soft green blanket, a delight for eyes of onlookers to feast on.
Finally I was here. I found myself looking at the Powai Lake, now shimmering under the sun and at the same time filled with ripples due to the rain. This lake was surrounded by skyscrapers on all sides, and there was an outgrowth of water plants. It was serene and the gentle lull of the waters could be heard as the waves sloshed against the sun-whitened stepping stones.  Peals of laughter and cries of joy penetrated the atmosphere, young and old, rich and poor, humanity collectively enjoyed this nature’s gift. In one corner, senior citizens were huddled in groups holding steaming cups of tea and plates of vadapav, discussing the country’s economy, politics and going on with their the usual monotonous sermon, while on the other hand, a group of teenagers went mad in the rain, stomping in puddles and carrying out every childish ritual which they usually looked down upon in their daily lives. While some couples were completely soaking in this happy state of affairs, others (including me) stared at the lake transfixed by its beauty.
Winds were blowing now and in hushed whispers I could almost hear it saying that monsoon was here. The rain started pouring harder, forcing everyone to rush under a shelter. As the drops of water came down with increasing intensity, Powai waited with baited breath and shook in excited anticipation, wondering what the monsoons would unravel this year.
- Chaarvi Athawale