Nirvana August 2019


Nirvana’s Young Brigade Raises Bar For Quality Singing

The entry in the 5th year of Nirvana’s B Group was marked by induction of 9 new members; three of them students those who have been learning music from sometime. The child prodigy Aditya Vittal, (from Kandivali) has pleasantly shocked and surprised everyone with the extra ordinary singing talent in his first ever outing at Nirvana. The relentless enthusiasm and controlled voice throw displayed by Aditya was nothing less a professional singer. His ‘Dilbar Mere’ from Satte Pe Satta stole the hearts of the audience while Amitabh and Hema gave him a company on the large LED Screen deployed in the auditorium. And it was sight to behold when the entire audience joined with him in ‘Mitwaa’ from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna!


Aditya is already a famous singer who has been performing on the big stage with accomplished artists all over India. His parents Anup & Bipasha shifted from Bangalore to Mumbai to pursue his musical journey. After hearing about Nirvana, they thought this is the right platform for Aditya’s musical growth.
Reneeka Pabari, young adorable daughter of Dinesh Kumar, a prominent face of Nirvana B group has joined the bandwagon since last programme. The heartthrob of the group, Reneeka is taking efforts to learn music to follow the footsteps of her father to fulfill her mother’s desire! The father daughter duo has become the toast of eyes of Nirvana members and audience alike bringing out highest emotions, while they sang together. A darling father has been seen holding her hand and promoting her in every aspect of the preparations. Reneeka’s ‘Jiya Re’ from Jab Tak Hai Jaan was a super hit song of the evening as the audience roared in ‘Once More’ shouts for her. And Alia Bhatt fame ‘Dilbaro’ from a movie Raazi was equally fantastic! 


After observing Nirvana’s programmes over a year and after reassuring themselves, Lavanya’s parents Bhavana & Shiv Tripathi, both music enthusiasts, registered her name and encouraged their child to sing with Nirvana team to help her gain stage confidence and improve her singing quality. Lavanya garnered lots of fans in her first outing with ‘Dehleez Pe’ from Badlapur movie and title song of Kalank! Showing no signs of fear or nervousness, Lavanya established the eye contact with the audience and rendered both the songs effortlessly. Nirvana’s increased audience cheered these young enthusiasts with their unconditional love and continuous clapping!
Apart from these 3 young guns, Suresh Makhija, Kumar Vasan, the real sisters Rita Ravindran & Gargi Balakrishnan all from Chembur got an opportunity to be a part of the prestigious Nirvana Group along with Vinoo Saluja (Andheri W), Vipul Dhingra and Manit Bhatia (both from Powai). All the new members rocked the evening with their beautiful and fresh voices while all the old members were equally fired up on the programme day.
The next Nirvana programme is on 10th August at Banquet Hall, Lake Homes Club House. Time: 5:30pm For details call Sanjay Rohida on 98201 26044.